PhotoHotel Photographer

Are you interested in being a photographer? Here are some of the responsibilities of this position:

The PhotoHotel photographer's responsibilities

  • Takes photos all day long, being present at the main daily activities ( cocktail games, themed evenings and all sort of different activities).
  • Suggests and achieves professional photo sessions (depending on the period and the location of the club: sunset on the beach, an exotic garden, with a characteristic architecture…).
  • Takes professional training courses in order to specialize in portrait photography, particularly focused on holiday clubs.
  • Contributes in entertaining tourists.

What the PhotoHotel Photographer should know? A PhotoHotel photographer’s activity will be a challenge for all recruited ones, implying dynamism and teamwork, along with photo advisor. An effective collaboration, reflected in an organized and responsible work will materialize in significant incomes, besides the basic fixed salary guaranteed. By reaching the fixed target there will be financial benefits on both sides, because the company offers sales percentage bonus.
Depending on experience and progress, the photographer will be relocated to one of PhotoHotel partner hotels, the main destinations being Greece and Spain.


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PhotoHotel workshops are dedicated to preparing the staff, photographers and photo advisors.


Do you believe you belong to the PhotoHotel team? See what steps you have to follow in order to become part of it.