Year 2008, beach, sun and fun with the family at sea, in Greece. It was one of the magical moments you always want to remember.

That's exactly what 2 friends who worked in the tourism industry, in Crete, felt. Somehow, holiday photos and those taken with the phone, never managed to express the memory of those moments. Until then.

Shortly after, the two set up PhotoHotel Company in Crete, Greece. They took their cameras and started working in two hotels. They had one purpose in mind: to provide tourists with unforgettable experiences. They did this by having fun with client's at photo shoots and by professional photos, printed and added to albums with unique design.

Tourists loved them, the hotel staff appreciated them, and their acquaintances wanted to join the company. This was the beginning of the PhotoHotel School, the only photography and sales school dedicated to the development of future hotel photographers internationally.

Good news is spreading quickly, as is PhotoHotel's services. Therefore, the company expanded and developed in Greece, Spain, the Canary Islands and Malta.

Known for their charisma and longing for life, the people of Romania were the most appreciated by tourists as a hotel photographer. Therefore, in 2016 opens the administrative center in Brasov, Romania. In short time, PhotoHotel becomes a top employer in Romania.


10 years after its founding, over 200 employees make tourists smile every year. Passion for people, ambition and team spirit are the things that bring us together, regardless of the country or island we get to work in. Every year, every hotel photographer and photo consultant discovers the same challenges and joys that the two founders encountered on the first day of PhotoHotel.

At the same time, the customer experience is getting better and better every year.

We are present in over 100 hotel structures, we enjoy the support of over 200 employees, and as destinations we mention:

Greece: Crete Island, Rhodes, Corfu, Athens
Spain: Andalusia, Mallorca, Menorca
Canary Islands: Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria