PhotoHotel is a unique concept that offers a professional photographic service for tourists in international hotels.
This service can be perfectly integrated with your available pack for the clients, representing an added value for your company.
Therefore, the PhotoHotel team from your hotel structure will capture, through photography, the tourists’ festive special moments, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience for your customers. The tourists may access the photos anytime they want, due to the touchscreens installed in the photo space. Here, conviviality, exchange and counseling represent essential services, even if the tourist does not place an order.
Above all, Photohotel is a service addressed to the customer .

The high-quality service is one of our strongest points.

Successful companies want satisfied customers, who give positive feedback. That is why PhotoHotel photographers are specially trained to offer quality services (professional photos, assistance, counseling), which will ensure a very pleasant experience for the tourists, who will leave with nice memories about the place where they have spent their holiday and the services that you have offered.
Therefore, adding PhotoHotel services can bring only advantages to your business .


PhotoHotel presented
in 2 minutes
: a high quality service, simple/advantageous!

  • Additional income source for your hotel
  • Easy integration in the company
  • We do not need a special place
  • Reduced work space in the resort
  • The specialized staff is paid and organized by our services
  • Positive participation to the client’s experience
  • Quick prints on paper and/or CD
  • Available photo advisors for tracking orders


Do you want to experience new things in special locations? Find out what a PhotoHotel career means.


PhotoHotel's purpose is to capture the tourists’ festive and privileged moments.


PhotoHotel develops a photographic service for tourists in international hotels.