The photography represents a powerful means of expression: a picture includes, at the same time, memories, discussions, stories, advertising ... Therefore, the photographic domain is continuously explored and developed, and those working in the field must bring their photographic abilities to perfection, in order to ensure a professional service. Being aware of the importance of quality, PhotoHotel train their photographers and photo advisors through courses and workshops specially designed and supported by specialized professionals in portrait photography.

Therefore, the PhotoHotel team in the partner hotel structure guarantees an excellent service, their work being appreciated by tourists. They will consider the team part of the hotel staff, which will enhance your company.
At the same time, PhotoHotel guarantees and undertakes that our staff from a certain location fully complies with the rules in force.


PhotoHotel presented
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The responsabilities of a PhotoHotel Photo Advisor

  • Explains the way our photo service functions and the use of the tactile panels.
  • Contributes to the general atmosphere in the club.
  • Manages the functional part of the photo space ( receiving, printing photos).
  • Supports, informs and guides the customers regarding all photography aspects.
  • Takes individual, professional training courses, particularly focused on holiday clubs.


The PhotoHotel photographer's responsibilities

  • Takes photos all day long, being present at the main daily activities ( cocktail games, themed evenings and all sort of different activities).
  • Suggests and achieves professional photo sessions (depending on the period and the location of the club: sunset on the beach, an exotic garden, with a characteristic architecture…).
  • Takes professional training courses in order to specialize in portrait photography, particularly focused on holiday clubs.
  • Contributes in entertaining tourists.


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PhotoHotel develops a photographic service for tourists in international hotels.