Deciding to work abroad is not an easy decision. There are many things to consider, from your relationship with your friends, family, to your financial planning and the trust you give the company. Above all these are added the personal fears and insecurities that each of us has when we face such an important decision.

As hard as it is for you to make this decision, the more difficult it is for us, to find the most suitable candidate. We constantly strive to make sure that the person will make it in this job, integrate among colleagues and be able to perform. It is in our interest for any future colleague to have a pleasant experience in the company and we do our best to find out if this job is right for the person.

How do we do this? Through some intermediate steps, necessary to be employed in companies that use the PhotoHotel concept



We recommend any candidate to document as much as possible about the company and the job. We are constantly working on new information resources for you.

Web page

Application on the website

You must apply through the specially created form. That form assures you that your application arrives directly in front of HR colleagues.


The interview appointment

If we consider that you fit with our culture and there is a potential to work together, we will send you a few video clips with essential information. It is required to watch this clips in order to decide if you still want to participate in an interview. Afterwards we will call you and schedule an interview. The interview will take place online.


Preparations for the interview

Test you webcam or phone camera, and also test your microphone. Keep your phone close and be sure you won't encounter any technical problems during the interview.


The actual interview

This is your moment of glory. It's the first time we know each other and the first time we see each other. Be honest and keep your calm.


Waiting and suspense

You will always receive a response from the interview, either positive or negative. Waiting is the hardest part, we understand.


Preparation for the PhotoHotel School

The situation is getting serious. Save the date, allocate the necessary time for PhotoHotel School, fill out the required questionnaires and follow the online courses prepared for you.


Training stage

Discover the photographic technique, the techniques of sale, approach and also discover the internal tools that we use in our daily work.


Preparation, departure and start of the season

You find and buy your transport tickets, prepare your necessary clothes, arrive at the destination and get guided by your team leader who prepares you for the first day of work.

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