The PhotoHotel School is not just an intermediate step towards departure. The school is a unique experience in which you find out about the company, you learn the profession of the hotel photographer and photo consultant, you know your future colleagues and you know yourself better. Depending on the training period in which you are assigned, the PhotoHotel School may last between 1 and 3 weeks.

How is PhotoHotel School organised?

The training course follows an intensive learning program. Therefore, the free time exists around the lunch breaks and in the evening, after finishing the courses. The information ranges from photo practice and sales techniques, to the payroll and commissioning system, to French and German courses that include the main conversations that a hotel photographer or photo advisor has in their destination.


How do I get to PhotoHotel School?

After you participate in the online interview, you will receive an answer if you are accepted in the training period. Depending on the time you applied, the next training period can take place in 2 weeks or 2 months. For example, usually, the training courses take place in February, March, April, May and at certain times during the summer when unforeseen situations occur.

Where is PhotoHotel School held? Under what conditions?

The training stage takes place in Brașov County, Săcele, Valea Doftanei area. The accommodation is made in the Photohotel's partner hotels, and the rooms and apartments are shared with other colleagues, depending on the number of beds available. Each participant has 3 meals a day, water, tea and coffee, available during the courses. The location is 20 km from Brasov, without access to public transport. The PhotoHotel staff will ensure the transportation of the students from the train station or bus station in Brasov and back.


How much does the PhotoHotel School cost? Short answer: No cost

PhotoHotel School is offered free of charge to all the people we want to hire. The accommodation, meals and transportation in Brasov are provided by the company. The transport and its cost to Brașov is the responsibility of the trainee. In addition, the PhotoHotel menu does not include alcoholic beverages, juices, energy drinks or cigarettes. These costs are also borne by each candidate individually.

What happens after the Training Stage?

At the end of the stage, each student is assigned to the destination and hotel chosen by the PhotoHotel staff. Often, the candidate knows the destination partner or at least one team leader from that destination. In addition, each student is presented with the accommodation conditions in the destination where he is assigned. Then comes the period of personal training and departure to the destination.