PhotoHotel offers its employees a number of benefits that will help you make the most of your hard-earned money, without many extra expenses. The main benefits at PhotoHotel are:

  • The basic salary is 700 euro net + percentage from sales

    We call this salary the safety salary . It is the minimum wage that a PhotoHotel employee receives, even if he has a bad month and does not reach his target. Otherwise, the salary is supplemented by the commission obtained according to sales. On average, a hotel photographer earns 1000 - 1300 euro net.

  • Commission bonus and KPI bonuses

    In addition to the guaranteed minimum wage and sales percentage, each employee can earn additional bonuses, both financial and otherwise, when he or she reaches certain sales targets or performs specific tasks.

  • Free accommodation near the hotel where he works

    PhotoHotel employees are accommodated in rented houses, apartments or villas and are paid in advance for the whole season by PhotoHotel. These places are near the hotels where the employees work. Therefore, each employee has his or her own room and often shares the common areas (kitchen, terrace, bathrooms, etc.) with at most 2-3 colleagues working in the same hotel or in nearby hotels. Employees only provide their utilities.

  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, 7 days a week.

    The meals are provided by the company, including during the free days, as long as the employees have a meal in the the intended locations. Often, PhotoHotel employees have access to dining spaces specifically designed for the employees of the hotel they work for, and in some cases, PhotoHotel employees can dine right in the guest space.

  • Fixed schedule

    Each PhotoHotel employee benefits from a fixed schedule agreed with the team leader responsible for the hotel they work for. This schedule is fixed for the whole working season, except in cases where the employee is assigned to another hotel where they work after another schedule. The differences between hotels can be found in the hours when certain activities start, have lunch or take breaks. The duration of the lunch breaks, as well as the number of free hours are the same throughout the whole company.

  • Medical insurance in case of illness or accident

    Throughout the season, every PhotoHotel employee benefits from the insurance and medical services available in the country and destination where they work. PhotoHotel employees benefit from the same medical rights and services available to any local employee from local and national companies in that country.

  • Participation in the PhotoHotel School

    Each candidate, before leaving for their destination, participates in the PhotoHotel School, a training school in which they learn all the essentials for carrying out their activity in the destination. The assimilated information includes sales techniques, photo techniques, as well as practical simulations of the activities specific to the hotel photographer and the photo consultant.

  • Access to Team-Buildings and Parties

    Each destination or team leader regularly organizes team building for employees. These can consist of outings in the city, club parties and other exotic activities specific to each destination: visits to tourist destinations, sports, bungee-jumping, diving, karting, boat parties, etc.