PhotoHotel School

The quality of services is essential for PhotoHotel, this is the reason why we focus on training our team constantly, in the country and in the location of the partner hotels, in order to recruit and train the PhotoHotel staff - photographers and photo advisors.
The recruitment and formation internship consists of intensive photography training, specially designed for Photohotel’s staff. The participants will learn or deepen along with Seşivede company and Dan Mălureanu the notions and the secrets of the professional portrait photography, adapting them in the future to the place where they will work. In parallel, PhotoHotel specialists will teach a course regarding sales and negotiation techniques, teamwork, attitude and behavior, which are essential elements in hotel structures.
The analysis of socio-linguistic competences is very important during the training, as well: attitude, socialize abilities, discipline, availability, mastering/knowing a foreign language (besides English) intermediate or advanced etc, represent important criteria in the recruitment process.
Specialization workshops are tailored depending on the location, favouring ideas exchange and deepening of specific notions.
Finally, we provide support via e-mail/phone/ regular meetings, for giving answer to particular questions of each member of our staff and to sustain him in the professional development.


Which are the responsibilities a PhotoHotel photographer located in a certain hotel has? Find out details.


The photo advisor has a major role in the team performance located in a certain hotel. Find out why.


Do you believe you belong to the PhotoHotel team? See what steps you have to follow in order to become part of it.