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This is the right job for you if:

Your age is up to 35 years old

You are able to have a medium level conversation at least in one of these languages (English, French, German, Russian)

You are able to relocate to Greece or Spain for at least 7 months

You are ambitious and eager to learn new things

You like to interact and meet new people even if you have no experience in tourism or photography.

You like to be rewarded according to your results/ performance

You want a job that will give you better skills for other future jobs

You want to better know yourself and go beyond your comfort zone

You like meeting people, interacting with them and making new friends

You like to see people feeling good and making them smile.


Our business story began in 2008 with 2 hotel structures and a team of 4 people, on the island of Crete. Later, the company expanded to Spain and in January 2016 we opened the administrative center in Romania, in Brasov.

Currently we operate over 100 hotel/resort structures, with over 200 employees in the following destinations:

Grecia: Insula Creta, Rodos, Corfu, Atena
Spania: Andaluzia, Mallorca, Menorca
Insulele Canare: Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria

Since our beginning in 2008, we recognized the value in having our own training school and today over 900 people were trained free of charge in the «PhotoHotel School» and then proceeded to discover with us the PhotoHotel destinations.


PhotoHotel operates over 12 tourist destinations in Europe with the administrative headquarter in Romania.




Guaranteed salary of 700 EUR + commissions from sales

In addition to the financial part (salary + commissions), each employee receives:

Free accommodation, in the immediate vicinity of the hotel/resort

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, 7 days a week.

Medical insurance in case of illness or accident

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Ceaușescu Ștefan

Photographer May 2018 – November 2018

In my case, Photohotel was the job opportunity that changed my life! I know it sounds dramatic, cliche and all that, but the experience I have gained during the 6 months, spent on the beautiful island of Crete, they've changed me, in the most beneficial way possible. I've noticed afterwards that I smile more, I am more open towards people, I have more energy and it's a lot easier making new friends. Granted, it was a lot of work, but the money I earned more than made it up for it, so in the end it was worth doing it ! If you are looking for an adventure or you think you are more of an introvert but you want to change that and you are really willing to put in the work to change and in the process earn a great paycheck, then Photohotel is for you!

Trifan Alexandru

Photographer April 2018 - present

My adventure at PhotoHotel started 3 years ago. It is a unique, interesting and captivating experience. Working with them I managed to learn a foreign language, develop my photography skills and gain hands-on experience on how to sell a service or product . A part from a salary and my own personal development, I had the opportunity to visit many beautiful places and meet people from different corners of the world. To me, PhotoHotel is about strong characters, ambition, courage and a lot of drive to succeed.

Alexandru Larion Cezar

Photographer May 2017 - present

My experience with PhotoHotel helped me evolve professionally, financially and personally. It is a job that anyone would dream of because it combines exotic holiday destinations with the pleasure of working in a setting where you get to learn things every day, meeting thousands of people. Of course, you need to know that if you want a successful career in this company, the results you expect will only be equal to the efforts you put in. For my part, I would like to thank PhotoHotel for the great opportunity it gives me!

Prodan Ana-Maria

Consilier Foto April 2016 - present

I have been working at PhotoHotel since 2016 and I am proud to be part of the PhotoHotel family. I have learned to discover myself (attitude, smile and communication with other people). A beautiful experience and pleasant memories with persons and friends very dear to me !!!

Alexandra Baltag

Consilier Foto 2011 - present

9 years ago, that's when I first started the cooperation with the PhotoHotel team. I remember that the first time I heard about them was from a fellow colleague from university, who told me that I had to go for an interview. I admit that I was skeptical about a job as aphotographer, especially abroad... everything was new to me and I didn't trust that it suited me. I just went to the interview to see what this company was all about, especially because my colleague had only wonderful things to say about her experience. They convinced me that it is a job that actually suits me so I went along and now I just want to say thank you PhotoHotel for the 9 years we spent together and I am looking forward to many more. It is definitely an experience that I recommend to everyone, with a vibrant and beautiful team, sunny places to enjoy and dreams that come true if you are willing to work hard to make that happen.

Constantinescu Ada

Photographer May 2017 - present

I talk a lot, I love children and I like traveling - which was perfectly compatible with PhotoHotel.

Three seasons as a photographer, and what do I have to show for it? Well, I've met and interacted with people from all over Europe and beyond, lots and lots of photos that I have took and that other people took of me and a whole world of memories. For me the story goes on ...

Tintea Ana-Maria

Photographer April 2018 - present

If you are one of the people looking for a job and a place to feel free and relaxed, if you got tired of the daily monotony and you can't seem to find your place, especially if you want to try something new, PhotoHotel will give you that opportunity! Apply as a Photographer or Photo Advisor and discover a whole new world, you won't regret it!

Apostu Claudiu

Team Leader April 2015 - present

My journey with them started because I wanted to do something different! I applied and took part in the photography school organized by PhotoHotel where I met all those that became my colleagues for the next 7 months! I changed a few positions since then: my first year in Mallorca was in 2015 where I started as a photographer, the second year in Crete I worked as a photographer and hotel team leader. After that, in 2017 I moved to Rhodes as a Destination Team Leader and since 2018 I am in Corfu, promoted from next year to Area Manager! I honestly didn't think I would go that far with a company but 5 years later I am still working with PhotoHotel.

The nice thing about working with them, is that the job allows you to push your boundaries further and requires you to grow on so many levels. You have the opportunity to improve or learn 1 to as many languages you can, you get to meet new people and interact with different cultures! Not to forget, that if the financial is really important to you, you have the possibility to earn a great salary.

Join me and be a part of the PhotoHotel family!

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Frequent Questions

The interview and first assessment will take place on Skype, depending on the availability of each person.
If there is a positive feedback during the interview, you will be informed and invited to attend the Photohotel School.
After the training in the PhotoHotel School is done, the teams will go to their assigned destinations with departures starting from April to May.
Yes, it is possible to extend the contract, depending on the interest of each of our personnel.
The minimum hiring age is 18 years of age.
We accept couples, but we cannot guarantee that you will work in the same team.
We have no minimum educational requirements, any degree is acceptable.
Ideally, you are at least at an intermediate level in any of the following languages: English, French or German. Intermediate equals to you being able to sustain a conversation on any common topic.
Our HR team will reach out within the next 14 days. If nobody has contacted you during that period, you have not been selected.
You can work with your own camera, if it is a Nikon D7000 and upwards or you can rent it through PhotoHotel.


Diana Ludușan

HR Manager - Romania

Joanna Wajs

HR Manager - Poland

Andrei Țurcan

HR Manager - Moldova

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