Working with PhotoHotel is something different; it is a special and a passionate experience. However it is important for anyone to know that like any other job, the activity may be sometimes really demanding. Being a photographer often exceeds the actual action of shooting because it involves dynamism and also commitment by exploiting all the selling, entertaining and counselling skills.
PhotoHotel carefully selects its staff, the main criteria being: mastering foreign languages, the availability of relocation (PhotoHotel operates in Greece and Spain), excitement in learning new things, receptivity, perseverance in specialization, suitable skills for the communication, socialization and interaction processes. At the same time, PhotoHotel grants a special interest for those involved constantly in their job.
Depending on the skills of each student, the activity can take place on two directions: photographer and photo advisor. Each of these positions requires responsibilities, obligations, includes rights and advantages that every employee should know and respect.

Duration agreement Contracts have a minimum period of 7 months, with the possibility of being extended for the whole year (due to the fact that some hotels open all year, in destinations like Canary Islands).

How is life at PhotoHotel It is undoubtedly a unique professional and personal experience. Develop yourself professionally in an environment that combines both passion and work, while performance is rewarded and career opportunities are numerous. Be creative, exhibit your talent! Each PhotoHotel member embarks on an incomparable human adventure that opens opportunities for new horizons. A real source of enrichment; you will share unforgettable moments with people of different cultures who, why not, will become your friends.
Furthermore, all photographers and photo advisors have one day off per week; thanks to the particular locations where PhotoHotel works, there are various leisure options day trips, beach, scuba diving and many other temptations of summer.


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